Courses for children

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The Polish Linguistic Institute is one of the few schools which offers Polish language courses for children. The classes are held for different age groups to make the process of learning easier. We use the project method in all groups, which is the most valuable and extensive in modern education. This method stimulates pupils and increases their motivation for learning foreign languages.

The classes are held by a high qualified teacher in the Polish Linguistic Institute, Agnieszka Sarafin-Giunta. Agnieszka has taught Polish as a foreign language at many Polish institutions (for example, KUL and Collegium Civitas). She has an experience in leading specialised Polish courses. Agnieszka shares her pleasure for knowledge with students from all over the world. In a private life – she is a mother, who has raised two daughters in a bilingual environment.

What are the advantages of the project method?

The project method teaches:
  • activity
  • self-education
  • prosocial attitudes
  • coping with criticism
  • coping with emotions
  • planning and organization of work
  • independence of language learning
  • independence in mental and organizational work
  • use of existing knowledge and skills
  • resourcefulness in collecting needed materials and selecting them
  • accepting failures and their proper interpretation
Children 4-6 years old
Activities for young children are mainly based on fun. 4-6 year olds learn best when they are having fun. Marty Bogdanovich's method of good start and Glenn Doman's method of reading are included in our classes. Great support in teaching Polish as a foreign language is available on TVP's website, which includes a partially-animated, educational program for 3-6-year-old children entitled "Play with words".
Time: 30 minutes + 15 minutes of free time
Price: 400 zł x 22 classes
Attention: Parents are welcome to be present during the classes!

Children aged 7-10
Classes in this age group are strongly based on language games, as well as on the elements of the Polish language system introduced by the lecturer. Children learn the basics of grammatical rules based on materials that match their age and interests. Work methods include the use of both textbook materials, new technologies, and audio-visual elements.
Time: 45 minutes x 22 meetings
Price: 400 PLN

Young people aged 11-14
Classes for teenagers are passionate and humorous lessons focused on developing communication skills in Polish. We work on excellence in pronunciation, understanding spoken and written texts, and broadening our knowledge of grammar and lexical systems. Our students benefit from the use of modern teaching materials supported by multimedia tools.
Time: 60 minutes x 22 classes
Price: 500 PLN

Individual classes

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Individual classes of Polish language – specially for you!
We offer individual classes for adults and children at convenient time chosen by you!
Classes will be conducted by qualified teachers and educational materials will be tailored to your needs.

individual class for adults: 90 min. x 120 PLN
individual class for children: 45 min. x 70 PLN
Come and join us!

To receive more information about individual classes please write to:

Conversational course

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You lack opportunities to speak Polish? The people around you don't speak Polish and you'd like to practice speaking in Polish? Come to our conversation course with some elements of games! If there's something you're particularly interested in or you'd like to broaden your knowledge about something, come to see us. The participants of our conversation courses choose the subjects themselves and the teacher prepares materials that may be helpful when speaking about it.

Note: The conversation course is for students at levels A2, B1 and B2. The course is preceded by a levelling test. The classes are conducted in a trimester mode (22 class hours per trimester).

Course price: PLN 300

Multimedia course

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Classes will take place three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3:20 pm to 4:50 pm and will cost 300 PLN for the trimester (66 academic hours).

Course description:
This course is dedicated to people who do not like working with a textbook, but want to learn more about Polish culture and cinema, and at the same time improve their communication skills and start to speak Polish fluently.

will get a workbook with a vocabulary and grammar constructions about every single movie. Each scene from the movie will be discussed and after the movie there will be several grammatical and lexical exercises. Whenever a movie is completed you will try to compose your own text regarding topics from the movie.

These classes improve your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills, and also expand your lexical and grammatical proficiency.

Language events

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More information soon...

Language audit

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Classes with native Speakers

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Do you want to start learning a foreign language? Are you looking for a native speaker? We have something for you! We offer individual classes and dedicated courses. Contact us and tell us about your expectations, location and time when you can have classes, we will find the best teacher for you!

Gift vouchers

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You have no ideas for a gift? Would you like to motivate your friend or family member to learn Polish? We present gift vouchers of Polish Linguistic Institute. Now, we can be your perfect gift :) Vouchers are available at our office or they can be ordered by mail. Vouchers can be also mailed to your loved ones! Vouchers can be bought at any time and future students will be able to use them when they qualify for the course.
A voucher for an individual class: 100 PLN
A voucher for a course: 700 PLN