What is the language audit? 

The language audit is a two-stage system for measuring language proficiency, which will help you to assess your actual skills quickly and reliably and estimate the time needed to achieve the desired level of proficiency in Polish. 
The language audit consists of:

  •  a written test (to assess your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and understanding of a written text)
  •  conversation with one of our auditors to test your listening comprehension, your vocabulary and fluency in speaking.

Who is the language audit addressed to? 

-> To people who want to learn Polish 
You want to start your adventure with Polish, but don't know how to start? You’ve already learnt Polish, but you have no idea how much of it you still remember? Come to our language audit. We will give you the answers to the following questions:

·   How well do I speak Polish? / What level of Polish am I at

·   How can I design the process of learning in the most efficient manner possible?

·  What can I do in my daily life to communicate better in Polish? 

-> To people who want to pass the state certificate exam in Polish as a foreign language

You want to take the certificate exam? You don’t know where to start? Our auditor and examiner at the Polish Language Institute Examination Centre will conduct a simulation of the speaking part of the exam with you and will assess your level and potential chances for the exam. 

-> To business owners who employ foreigners

You are the owner of a company that employs foreigners and you want to verify their level of Polish? Use the help of a professional auditor who will determine the level of Polish of your staff and will offer your employees courses at a suitable level. Since the candidates language skills are verified during the language audit it can be helpful for the recruitment process.

The audit can also be prepared to verify the main linguistic competences which are necessary in a specific work environment.


The audit starts with a test of Polish as a foreign language on the Institute's website (here: ), then we make an appointment at the Institute's headquarters.

 You are welcome!


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